Lakeway Counseling Center
Clinical Supervision
Supervision is a way to shape the future of our community by empowering therapists with the skills to effect change in their clients lives and the longevity to thrive with resilience in their chosen career. Supervision can provide a safe place to explore insights that arise during session, expand trust in the therapeutic process, experiment with new skills, process challenging cases and learn new techniques.As a supervisor, I work to guide the course of internship to deepen awareness of your patterns of growth, increase knowledge of your internal cues for acceptance or resistance to ongoing challenges, and expand trust in your ability to cope with the stressors and frustrations, the joys and successes of a long career in the counseling field.

Supervisor: Sallie E. Ingle MA LPC-S
License Type-No. & Expiration: LPC 18592 - 08/31/2017
Fees: $ 400 a month
(Includes weekly individual supervision with one group supervision session per month when available, opportunities to see clients in a private practice setting, monthly workshops, and much much more.)