Lakeway Counseling Center
Individual, Family & Couples Counseling
Lakeway Counseling Center provides counseling services to individuals, families and couples to help deepen and enrich communication, learn to manage conflict, and make lasting positive change.
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Disordered Eating
  • Grief & Loss
  • Trauma
  • Life Transitions
  • Addictions
  • We serve Children, Teens, Adults, Couples, Families, Adult Caregivers, and Elders Children

Children: Play therapy is a modality that allows children to use toys as their words as they work with the therapist to resolve problems though play.  Recommended for very young children though elementary school age.

Adolescents: Teens present special challenges as they move through the classic developmental tasks of adolescence--searching for identity, testing boundaries, exploring the impact of their power and voice.  Research has also shown that the structure and chemical balance of adolescent brain is changes dramatically in these years, and these brain changes can mean decision making that is baffling to adults.  We provide a safe space to explore these changes, the stress of high achievement, and the impact of peer pressure on their lives.

Couples: Do you and your partner get into the same old fights, again and again?   Learn to manage conflict so you are closer to your partner at the end of the day, not further away.   You and your spouse or partner CAN...
  • experience deepened intimacy
  • recover from infidelities
  • learn to trust again
  • increase and improve communication
  • equip your relationship with tools to last a lifetime

Parents & Families: Working with children and teens means working with families.  We welcome you into an exploration of the challenges and changing roles that make up the life of the living organism that is your family.  Learn to deepen communication, create strong flexible boundaries, and gain insight into yourself, and into those you love most deeply.  
Also, through programming at Lake Travis High School, we provide Empowering Families Workshops each month during the academic year.  The four hour workshops are a chance to increase communication skills, learn about different styles of boundary setting, and let you and your teen learn about what's happening in the adolescent brain!

Caregivers: As Adult Caregivers, our roles with the Elders we love shift and change. Finding a safe place to vent frustrations and explore options is an important part of releasing overwhelm and remaining resilient.

Elders: As our bodies and minds age or endure illness, we face new, unexpected challenges that can frustrate, frighten and confuse us. Counseling can help us uncover reserves of strength we often overlook, and can assist in our continuing journey to understand and accept who we are now.‚Äč